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Guided programs where parents and kids talk about sex & growing up together!

Is it Time for "THE TALK"?

Are you the type of parent that wants to be open, honest, and involved in your child’s sex education? Do you want your child to be willing and able to talk to YOU about "IT"? If yes, welcome...

FREE PDF on 3 Things to NEVER Tell Your Kids About SEX! 

Offering Live in-person, Virtual live, & Self-paced courses

The Talk Institute is available for in-person services throughout southern California. The E-courses and virtual live series are available for anyone, anywhere!

"Before doing these classes, I felt like I could talk to my mom about some stuff, but I didn't really want to, but now I WILL go to my mom!"

Age 11

"After we had The Talk classes we had the 5th grade video and it was just an older movie with songs. It was not informing and left you completely clueless."

Age 11

"It's less embarrassing than just listening to your parents by yourself because you have a group of friends there."

Age 12

"I think you were great, I can't imagine anyone else talking about this!"

Age 12

"I enjoyed this class more than I expected. I learned a lot and you made it fun and less awkward. "

Age 13

"Before I came I did not want to come at all. My mom made me come and I'm actually really happy and comfortable with the subject now."

Age 13

Abbreviated Puberty Only Class

Want to do more than just read a book together? If your younger child isn't ready for EVERYTHING just yet, check out this class on puberty, anatomy, and hygiene ONLY! 

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Talking THE Talk Elementary

Parents, is it time for "THE Talk"? You know the full one about puberty and sex.  We've got your back!

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Talking THE Talk Middle School

What do kids need to know beyond puberty? It's quite the laundry list...Prepare your pre-teen for the dating world.

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Virtual Live Courses

Interested in taking a LIVE Talk program online?

Either gather up 10 of your child's friends and parents from anywhere in the world or join an open to the public class. It's the next best thing to live in-person.
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I'm Internet & Social Media Savvy

Is your child ready to handle being on social media in today's day and age? Don't guess. Be sure!

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Reduce the Risk

This workshop teaches about the dangers of alcohol, vaping, and other drugs while focusing on attitude change, values clarification, role playing, and skill building to resist this common pressure.

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The Truth about Porn & Consent

Teens learn that pornography isn't all what it seems and consent is key. We discuss the exaggerations and myths that porn portrays and why it's not a good idea, while not shaming for being curious. Consent is then defined, emphasized, and discussed in detail. 

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Buds, BFF's & Frenemies

Discover how to be a better friend, keep good ones, and stay emotionally healthy by getting out of friendships that aren't good for you.

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"I'm a parent & I learned A LOT! Wish there was a program like this when I was a kid. I've already recommended it to several other dads!"

Chris W.

"The classes really opened the door of communication. My daughter talks to me now more than ever."

Mickie K.

"This class was INVALUABLE!! I can't tell you how glad I am that I took this class with my daughter. AWESOME!"

Kristi C.

"My wife signed us up & I'm glad she did. It will be so much easier to have tough conversations with my kids. I couldn't imagine discussing what we did alone. "

Mike B.

"This was a great class for my son and I as it brought us closer together. Thank you!"

Becky S.

"Truly great class - you did a wonderful job. You NEED to do this for high schoolers. Even if they have taken health - this is a much better way to share the info!"

Tricia V.

About Jen

Hosting a Talk is Simple with this Step by Step Guide! 



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Parenting Support

FREE E-Course

Looking for support in getting started having "THE" Talk with your child? You'll find over 2.5 hours of videos here from sexual health expert, Jen Elledge, answering the most common questions about talking to kids about sex and growing up. FREE for 30-days. No credit card required. 

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Family Reading Lists & Video Book Reviews

Learn about great sexual health books that will make talking to your children a breeze.  

See Honest Reviews HERE!

Assemblies & Parent Talks

Looking for an assembly idea for your school or parent group? We've got your back! 

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